Formula: C2H5NO
CAS: 60-35-5
Formula Weight: 59.07  g/mol
Density: 1.159  g/cm3
Melting Point: 78-80  °C
Boiling Point: 221  °C
Purity: --
Concentration: --

Hazard and Safety Information


Signal Word: Warning!
Oral-LD50: 7000  mg/kg
Flash Point: --
Auto Ignition: --
Flinn Family: O2

GHS Hazard Statement: Suspected of causing cancer.

GHS Precautionary Statement: Use personal protective equipment as required.

General Hazard Information: Acute Hazards: in case of skin contact (irritant, permeator), of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation. Prolonged exposure: Potential Carcinogenetic hazard and Reproductive Hazard

Storage: Organic #2 only in a protective bag or can. Flinn Family: Organic #2. Store in/on shelf with alcohols, glycols, sugars, amines, amides, imines, imides. Store flammables in a dedicated cabinet.

Disposal: Non-halogenated waste container.


Infrared - NIST Chemistry Webbook

Title: Acetamide    State: gas    Filename: ./spectra/external/IR/1/2-nist-gas.jdx   

Infrared - NIST Chemistry Webbook

Title: ACETAMIDE    State: SOLID (SPLIT MULL, FLUOROLUBE FOR 3800-1340 AND NUJOL FOR 1340-400 CM ^-^1)    Instrument: DOW KBr FOREPRISM-GRATING    Parameters: BLAZED AT 3.5, 12.0, 20.0 MICRON, CHANGED AT 5.0, 7.5, 14.9 MICRON    Filename: ./spectra/external/IR/1/2-nist-solid.jdx   

Mass Spec - NIST Chemistry Webbook

Title: Acetamide    Filename: ./spectra/external/MS/1/1-b-MS-NIST.jdx